People Pigne d’Arolla Petit Combin Trient Wildhorn Rosablanche Pigne D`Arolla (depart Arolla)
1 1610.00 1530.00 1570.00 1410.00 1330.00 1018.00
2 820.00 780.00 800.00 720.00 680.00 522.00
3 553.00 527.00 540.00 487.00 460.00 354.00
4 491.00 466.00 479.00 429.00 404.00 308.00
5 458.00 434.00 446.00 398.00 374.00 285.00
6 357.00 340.00 349.00 314.00 358.00 271.00
Prices are based on departure from Tracouet - Nendaz, includes a mountain guide

Heliski Switzerland

Swiss heliskiing services across the peaks of Pigne d'Arolla, Wildhorn, Petit Combin and Mont Rose.
Book your heliskiing sessions and experience Switerland's most exclusive views.

For bookings and information please email office@premieralpinecentre.com and we`ll get back to you
within 24 hours.

Heli Ski Collective

Together with GUIDES VALAIS we organise a Heli-Ski Day every week on Friday. 

Rosablanche Heli Ski: 
Minimum 3 people, max 6.
393.- CHF per person.

Pigne d`Arolla Heli Ski:
Minimum 3 people, max 6. 
393.- CHF per person.

For this activity you need: Skis, telemark or split-board with skins, an avalanche package containing tranceiver, shovel and probe. We advise to take a small snack and a warm drink in a proper backpack. For these activities material, liftpass, lunch or taxi transport is not included in the price.
Meeting point 8.30 at Premier Alpine Centre in Nendaz. For reservations please contact office@premieralpinecentre.com.

Heli Ski Week

We organise your heli ski holiday

Monday : You meet your mountain guide who will explain to you everything about the trip. The adventure starts by getting in the heli, heading for Mont Rose where the first drop will be.

Tuesday : We fly to Petit Combin for another amazing day of skiing and excitement.

Wednesday : This can be a day day to rest, if you wish, but if you are not tired yet we can arrange a heli-drop to Wildhorn, a ski touring day or maybe even ice climbing.

Thursday : We visit Pigne D`Arolla, an amazing peak at Val d’Hérens.

Friday : We fly you to the top of Trier and you ski back to Nendaz via Verbier. We finish the day with a drink and a chat, looking back on a trip you`ll never forget.

Our planning is entirely flexible, days can be changed, activities can be adapted. If you
would like to discuss the possibilities for an amazing Heli-ski holiday, please contact


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