The ski equipment rental guide Nendaz

Our ski rental shop offers a great diversity of ski equipment in Nendaz. Ski, snowboard, gloves, hats or ski shoes, you’ll be able to find the exact material you need to feel warm and safe while skiing.

Whether it is online or whether directly at the shop in Nendaz, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide you a high-quality service adapted to your expectations. The whole team will advice you about the ski material according to your age, ski level and expectations.

Ski rental

Thank our wide range of ski material, you will have the opportunity to choose between the best ski equipment ! We are working with some of the main brands of the ski industry like Rossignol, Dynastar, Nordica, Elan, Black Crows, Zaï, Nidecker and Rome. You’ll find the ski quality of famous brands as well as the best advices of our shop team.

We are offering three categories of equipment rental Nendaz in order to satisfy your expectations as efficiently as possible. With the “Gold” category, experienced skiers will find exactly what they need. Effectively, in this ski package, skis are efficient and give good skiers an incomparable enjoyment of skiing. Our off-piste ski selection are classified in that category. The “Silver” category will satisfy intermediate skiers, which means skiers who already have some experience on the ski slopes. Material from this category is very easy to handle and use to feel more pleasure on the slopes. It will definitely satisfy your needs. Beginners will need the Bronze category as the skis are extremely easy to handle and excellent to learn how to ski on the slopes.

For the most adventurous of you, we offer a wide range of off-piste ski material as well.

In our ski rental shop, we offer secured ski storage.

Snowboard rental

Our rental shop offers a wide range of snowboard material as well. Beginner, advanced or expert ? Find the snowboard material corresponding to your lever, age and expectations.

Discover unexpected sensations with our snowboards on the ski slopes of Nendaz.

Exactly like the ski rental, we offer three categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Gold Category corresponds to snowboards for experienced riders. High performance boards will satisfy the expert’s expectations. The Silver category corresponds to riders already having some experience with snowboarding. The boards are easy to ride and guarantee good sensations on the slopes. For beginners, we offer a “Bronze” category adapted to boards very easy to handle.

Our ski and snowboard shoes

In Nendaz and in our online rental shop, we offer ski and snowboard shoes adapted to your needs for rent. We have them in two categories : Gold for comfort and performance and Silver for comfort.

You can directly book your shoes, skis and snowboards online. No more queues, all your material will be prepared and available at your arrival on Nendaz ski slopes.

Snowshoes rental

You would like to go hiking with snowshoes ? Our rental shop in Nendaz offers to rent snowshoes at the shop or online. They come with a pair of adaptive ski poles. The snowshoes can be used with good hiking shoes and are easily adapted to your size. If you don’t have any shoes, you can also rent some with us. We organise some guided hiking trails with snowshoes

Avalanche material

The avalanche material is made up of a backpack, a shovel, a probe and an avalanche transceiver.  Rent it daily for your off-piste ski session. Never go off-piste without that material never go alone and make sure that your partners have a good knowledge regarding off-piste security and know how to use this material. If you have never used it or need an update, we offer off-piste ski sessions. For more details, meet us at the shop or contact our team by e-mail